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Semjase - Sandro Santantonio Design, 2010

Semjase - Sandro Santantonio Design, 2010

Technology, design and poetry are the guide lines that have taken to the planning of this floor lamp, having big dimensions, and designed to be an elegant piece of furniture.
The shape of a bow, slender and fluid, offers a very wide lighting, thanks to the adjustable lighting head.
From the base, looking like a drop, develops the hollow body of the lamp, getting to the head, that has too the shape of a drop, but drilled.
SEMJASE is a perfect synthesis between a decorative and lighting-technical object and for this reason it finds a natural collocation both in public places (contract) and in private houses.

The mono-material structure is coated rigid expanded polyurethane and is composed by 3 assembling
The lighting body is metal with holder in sandblasted Pyrex. It houses a halogen bulb.


"At the end of the past century Semjase entered the human make-believe: a slim woman, with long hair adorning her face, dressed with a close-fitting and sinuous white dress. Her apparition, narrated as one of the first "contacts" of the alien world with the Earth, has been a peace contact.
Alien entity or Goddess, Semjase with her story, her characteristics and beauty,documented by pictures and portraits, has inspired the name of our lamp: a bit "extra", a bit mythological, it offers a diffused light to the surrounding space, it protracts itself towards us in a graceful way and takes us into a new sensorial journey".

                                                                                                                                                                   Sandro Santantonio


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